heechul’s rival is AOA (x) (x)


Yifan waiting for Chanyeol outside the hotel in Berlin and then going out together


Chanyeol is a coffee shop musician. There’s just one thing very special about him. He’s mute. Kris is a published writer. There’s also something special about him. He’s deaf.

Chanyeol has never found a reason so dire to speak again. But he needs to tell Kris three words. Kris has never found a reason so dire to hear again. But he thinks he needs to hear Chanyeol mutter three words.

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Call you mine.Kris x Chanyeol (0:08).

Call you mine.
Kris x Chanyeol (0:08).



my first year of university

too busy, bored, tired, suck


Aww congrats~ i’m sure you’ll enjoy it later. First year always like that

Thank youuu
I hope so .. T _ T